Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Anatomy Scan post-appt from Hell.

So Wednesday, we had our a/s. All went well with the scan and the sonographer did a great job keeping us informed. We joined Team Blue and all was good... next thing I know, we are meeting with some kooky MFM that I didn't realize was part of the practice.

She starts out by asking DH all kinds of questions when I am in doing my urine sample. He is getting all flustered. I walk in and she says, " So I see we are just now taking over your care...?" Uh no, I have been with you guys since the end of Sept. Dr gets more scatterbrained from there. She starts asking about how Sophia died. Why did she die? What caused it? Blah, Blah Blah.

The whole time I am thinking 1. How are my boys? 2. Read my damn chart. 3. Is this really happening? I said something to the effect that I don't want my pre-e s
ymptoms to be overlooked this time, as I present abnormally. And she replied that even if they would have taken the baby early... babies born before 30 weeks are damaged. YES, you read that right... damaged. She fucking told me that my daughter would have been damaged. I told her at least she would be alive. I also told her that I disagree completely as I have a sister born at 24 weeks who is a very healthy 22 yr old today.

I finally got her to change the subject and she nonchalantly mentions that the BABY is measuring a week behind, which is in the normal range. I had to ask her if the other one was ok, and she looked confused. I then explained to her that I was indeed having twins and were both of them behind... "Oh, Oh, Uh, Yes... " Que up mistrust and fight or flight feelings....

Needless to say we didn't trust a word the woman said all appt. I called my NP to ask her to go over the u/s and a Nurse called back saying all looked normal, but my NP would call back and answer more questions. The Nurse sounded horrified. I also asked not to see this MFM ever again.

Good gravy, I could have killed that woman. If you made it this far, thanks :) The boys seem to be just fine :)


  1. Wow. First off, congrats on the two boys! How fun and exciting for you guys! That MFM sounds like a total space cadet (WHY don't they READ the CHART!?! I've had this thought in conversations with more than one specialist.) Her total lack of compassion coupled with the fact that she just somehow completely overlooked one of your sons makes her one to avoid at all costs. Hope you never get stuck with her again!

  2. Oh my goodness! I would have gone ballistic after hearing something like that from a ill informed MFM. I had one that I couldn't stand, and wouldn't tell me anything when we were having problems with our twins. I seriously would have lost my mind. Don't know how you kept it together. Glad BOTH your boys are doing well. Praying it stays that way.

  3. I read the title and had to scan to the bottom to make sure both babies were fine. Whew! I am so sorry you had to endure that stress at your appointment. Congratulations on the team blue! Boys are so much fun!!