Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday Fun Day

Met first with the MFM (maternal-fetal medicine) Nurse Practitioner and she was really nice. She listened to my concerns and mentioned that Dr. K (the MFM) would decide if he needed to see me or not. I insisted that I wanted to meet him and have a consult with him like I was scheduled.

We then went in for our NT scan. We were in for like 30-45 minutes because dos bambinos don't like their backs! One was looking right at us with both hands up. The other was free floating on its belly. They were so cute wiggling around. We finally got the measurements needed and will get blood results soon. Both were measuring 11w6d, which is great.

Next up was the MFM consult with Dr. K. Big surprise.... I really like him AND I am definitely with him for the long haul. He was very understanding to my needs and very receptive to my pre-e past. I am not sure what the whole stink was getting in with him.... but I feel very comfortable with my care. I will be going in every 2 weeks and then every week once we get closer. Lots of u/s planned at appropriate times. All is good. 

Thank you for all the well wishes. We are pretty much loving every day we get with these little beans.


  1. So glad to hear you will be the care of capable hands. It just helps to put your mind at ease a bit, and after what you have been through, it's so needed. Congratulations, again. :)

  2. Congrats on your twins!!! I'm thrilled for you, and so glad you're with an MFM already. I have no doubt that my MFM is the reason I was able to carry mine for so long.