Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Car Files

With 2 little babies on the way.... it is time to get rid of the Corolla. My Roxie has been such a good car. She was my first married woman purchase and has been with my since 2004. This car has been everywhere... Toronto, Florida, New Orleans and all around the Midwest. I love my Roxie, but let's face it... a compact girl doesn't really scream twin momma.

We have 2 front-runners right now: the Toyota Venza and the Subaru Outback. So many choices and my head is swimming! We will see where this takes us!

Toyota Venza

Subaru Outback

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  1. Tough call!! Had our last cycle worked, K and I were oddly excited to think about mommyvan shopping, lol. Of these two choices, I think I like the Outback a little more but I am an SUV lover and this looks more "rugged"

    (btw, just gotta say again that I am so happy for you!!!! xoxo)